We are specialized in customizing business solution softwares.

4Aware provides a full range of Software Development services. We are specialized in developing custom business system, application development, database design, and web-enabling businesses. Our cross-platform, technology-independent approach guarantees the highest performing with cost beneficial results.

Outsourced development for smaller or specialized software organisations

Using skilled outsourced teams for software development is recognised as a way to minimize investments, to improve performance, to have flexible access to highly skilled resources and to establish IT process discipline.

4Aware IT solutions takes outsourced development to a new level, providing advantages to smaller and to specialised development organisations. Whether its software developed for in-house use or solutions marketed to end users, 4Aware offers a tested and proven engagement approach:

● Software development and customisation

● Software maintenance

● Support

● Hosting and operations, where required

We engage under a variety of models, from solely project based engagements, to partial outsourcing of specific applications or functions, to the full service of an entire IT organisation, including the transition of the existing team to 4Aware, if required.

4Aware makes outsourcing accessible to smaller and mid-sized organisations and to companies whose needs go beyond standard processes and IT solutions.

Gain a control over development process with us, more specifically using Agile iterative software development approach.  

Sometimes keeping a project in-house is not an option. For example, you may need to ramp up your development team quickly to ship a product by a specific date or risk of the window of opportunity closing, but you know you can't hire enough high quality people in your geographical area. If you are going distributed, you are essentially outsourcing and at least some of the difficulties inherent in traditional software development apply.

Outsourcing to a company using Scrum, Kanban, however, will help you overcome the obstacles that make the traditional approach unwieldy and inefficient, and that cause endemic project failures. How so? Unlike the traditional "waterfall" approach, where all software is delivered once, at the tail end of the project, Scrum focuses on providing a continuous flow of value to the customer, which minimizes project risk and increases return on investment. With Scrum, catastrophic project are impossible by definition.

Why Serbia, nearshore outsourcing ?

Since Serbia is the Central European time zone and a few time zones different from North America, communication is much easier. The similarities between Eastern Europe culture/accent and other Western cultures/accents help our teams to work seamlessly with your team. 4Aware IT solutions has its nearshore software development center in Novi Sad, Serbia. Serbia has definitely become a growing destination for nearshore and off-shore outsourcing as it has several privileges when compared to offshore outsourcing traditional countries.

More benefits of outsourcing software to Europe are:

● Mostly senior developers makes our cooperation excellence.

● Cost-effective development: provide our clients the best possible investment for their business.

● Closer time-zone: being nearshore, we are same time-zone as Central Europe and only 5 hours behind US East Coast.

● Cultural similarities: the Western culture has an affinity with the cultures of Europe and US.

● Enjoyable environment: Novi Sad is a pleasant place to travel to.

● Low employee turn-over: our attrition rate is less than 8% annually.

● Accessibility: it only takes a few hours to get to our offices.

While considering Serbia as your outsourcing destination also consider that you’ll be travelling to one of the most magic and attractive cities of the Eastern Europe.

Architecting and Developing the Right IT Solution for Your Business

4Aware is specialized in the optimization of development processes and custom development using different Software development Technologies. We enable IT departments to contribute to a company’s success by building integrated systems and solutions. Leveraging the power of PHP, Java and similar technologies. Total solutions are defined, designed and delivered in close collaboration with you. We know that an important amount of budgets is invested in maintaining existing infrastructure and applications. That’s why Application Service Management (ASM) principles are integrated in our methodology.

We also provide consulting services to help you optimize the processes in your company. Our company invests a lot in training our consultants in the newest technologies and the latest Certifications.

We can help in the following areas:

• Develop Custom Software based on PHP & JAVA related frameworks;

• Technical Expertise and Development capacity;

• Provide QA with the testing;

• Total Project Support;

• Define and optimize Application Lifecycle for your environment;

• Build new PHP “Development Factories” and introduce new development methodologies;

• Define, Prepare and Provide migrations, Upgrade & Re-engineering processes;

• Technical expertise in Business Process Automation;

• Document management and Collaboration solutions based on SharePoint.