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We're providing value to the client

Our devotion to fulfill our clients' needs with established processes and procedures provides our clients stability and possibility to rely in the agreed product and service delivery.
At 4Aware, over 80% of our work that we do for our clients is being performed on the revenue side of our clients. This means that it is essential that 4Aware teams have the same goals as our clients when executing joint projects.
4Aware is a trusted IT service and outsourcing provider with delivery centre in Eastern Europe.

We're using proven frameworks and methodologies

4Aware has using proven testing frameworks and has implemented ITIL, ASL, PRINCE2, Scrum frameworks that provide product and services delivery stability and quality.

Well established development processes provide a rapid team mobilization that is ultimately reducing a project cost.

We’re breathing Agile

Our teams adaptable sizes provide us with advantages that we can completely assimilate to work with your business in a method that is efficient and effective. We have developers, testers, consultants and project/service managers who can really understand your challenges and will focus on your project from inception to craft the perfect solution for you. 

Efficient Delivery – focus on the quick, quality covered shippable product !

Due more than ten years experience in IT software developing industry with some big household names, makes us comprehend and deliver key projects to agreed deadlines and competitive budgets. Flexibility and approach at 4Aware enables us to continually deliver quality work to business timeframes.

Delivery Model

4Aware has adopted a Hybrid Delivery Model with combined on-shore and near-shore representation. By adopting a Hybrid Delivery Model, we believe to have successfully met most of well-known outsourcing challenges, such as language barrier, cultural differences and inability to meet “face-to-face”.

The on-shore representatives can assist and advise our customers in their native language so that optimum understanding of the Customer’s business processes can be achieved. For Maintenance and Support, the on-shore representatives are the service delivery managers, who are responsible for the initial process setup between the Customer Organization and 4Aware and for the continuous management of the agreed service levels.

In order to optimize the understanding of the Customer’s needs, the Service Delivery Manager plans periodic “face-to-face” meetings where future plans and strategy are discussed, and becomes intimately familiar with the Customer’s business process. The Service Delivery Manager reports - on the achieved service levels, initiates periodic Service Level Agreement (SLA) reviews, and manages the overall quality of the performed services in accordance with the processes and best practices based on ITIL and ASL methodologies.

The near-shore Maintenance and Support Team consists of a designated Service Support Manager, who is responsible for the registration, dispatching and follow-up of calls forwarded to the service desk, and highly skilled maintenance engineers, who possess proficient knowledge of the system. The dispatched tasks are assigned to and further analyzed and resolved by the engineers under the Service Support Manager’s supervision.