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Based on its practical experience 4Aware has developed an optimised working model.

The main reason for failure in outsourced software projects is the lack of a clear and agreed engagement methodology. Based on its practical experience 4Aware has developed an optimised working model that ensures:

● The clear definition, understanding and meeting of the system requirements

● The quality of the work throughout the entire process

● An efficient communication between all parties involved

The methodology is different: it is optimised for small to medium sized engagements and organisations, it is efficient for smaller teams and it avoids the overhead and cost of large and unwieldy all-purpose models.

Engagements are managed by a dedicated onsite coordinator and an onshore, offshore lead manager, both with the management, process and technical experience required to ensure a smooth start, as well as an efficient ongoing operation.

In the 4Aware Maintenance and Support Organization we make use of both IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Application Services Library (ASL) methodologies.

We believe that combined ITIL and ASL can offer an optimal coverage of our customers’ maintenance and support needs. While ITIL is the best and most widely accepted approach to Infrastructure Maintenance, which provides a cohesive set of best practices, drawn both from the public and private sectors, ASL is a narrowly specialized framework for professionalization of Application Maintenance.

Project governance is based on international standards such as PRINCE2 and Scrum and is performed using Certified PRINCE2 project managers and Scrum masters. We use best practices in the industry: incremental development and delivery, Test Driven Development,

Continuous Integration and Agile practices even when we execute linear projects. Our estimates are made transparent by being based on Function Point Analysis and Expert estimates.