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Having good communications, collaboration and content management are fundamental to the successful running and cost-efficiency of an organisation.
At 4Aware, we have the proven expertise, the experience and the creativity to ensure that a client’s precise needs in these areas are totally fulfilled.


Having good communications, collaboration and content management are fundamental to the successful running and cost-efficiency of an organisation.

At 4Aware, we have the proven expertise, the experience and the creativity to ensure that a client’s precise needs in these areas are totally fulfilled.

The focal point to any successful development is listening to the client

Whatever the development in question, whether it be an WEB platform or a Desktop application, or the building of a data management resource, we always discuss a project in detail with the client first.

Concentrating to understand the client needs and understand to what a client is striving to achieve is a win-win situation to the project. Even if a client is initially unsure of what is needed, through discussion we can always pinpoint the exact nature of the particular challenges faced.

Only once both parties agree on the fundamentals does development work begin.

A well known development foundations

The building blocks that 4Aware is using as the basis for any development are as rigorous as they are flexible that offers our clients influence and manage development. 

Only the most acclaimed and successful development platforms are considered by our development experts when providing software architectural design.

Custom made development services  

Our solutions are tailor-made for the specific requirements of each client, and contains unique features particular to the organisation in question.

At 4Aware we are striving to provide what the client requires above fix standardized industry defined solutions.

A service that respects the agreed timeline and is totally cost-effective


Our small, focussed and dedicated teams always ensure that a speed is of the essence, and that development costs are kept to a minimum.

Mobile Application Development

Although it may seem hard to believe, the number of mobile phones being used is approximately equal to the number of people on our planet. This means there is a huge market for mobile apps. Every aware company is doing all it can to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.

4Aware IT solutions represents a strong team of highly energetic and responsive developers providing high quality and cost-effective mobile development solutions to clients across the globe. Well equipped with all the latest technologies and market trends, our team of dedicated developers are trained intensively to deliver bespoke, cost-effective and high-performance mobile applications for your business.

The expert mobile app developers at 4Aware are fully prepared to guide you and your company every step of the way. We have experience developing apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and mobile web platforms.


At 4Aware IT solutions our goal is to really be very collaborative with our clients especially start-up business. We begin with a deep understanding of our client's needs, and develops solutions that may include a whole range of graphic, strategy and technology. We start with an idea and we turn that idea in very close collaboration into a business and provide everything from identity development through user experience design.

In addition to benefiting from the highest technical and security criteria, a solution must also – and quite rightly – engage successfully with all contributors and end users in order to prove worthwhile.

"We know that effective design is the key to ensuring effective engagement. Our customer work in a team with defining the best suitable solution."

Design like a creative process starts with the client’s needs


Identifying what a client is striving to achieve from a solution is the groundwork that drives any successful design.

For each project we had a visual design workshop where we got together from project manager, web team, editor and coder to understand the briefs and engage conversations, questions in order to develop into a working / design prototype. We share our creative ideas at each stage to ensure that all fundamentals are accounted for, and that each client is totally satisfied.

Design based on the experience for a number of key clients 

We have more than ten years of experience working for number of clients providing them with custom solutions and unique added value to the final implementation, therefore we know how to help our clients perceive a desired product in any situation. 

Hence, our teams are also some of the most creative in the business, and are adept at the provision of truly innovative solutions that leave our clients fully satisfied.

We suggest a design that is practical, time-efficient and cost-effective

We like to propose a design based on latest technology stack and at the same time cost-effective concentrated on the time to market plan with our feet planted firmly on the ground. We know that our client appreciate realistic design that could be realised in a timely, straightforward and economical way.


4Aware is a software outsourcing company providing software development services. We are gateway for our clients to a successful market positioning with optimum investment in the new technology stack by having available flexible teams of IT professionals. With our technical expertise combined with years of experience in nearshore and offshore software development we give our customers the advantage to succeed over their competition

With the proven western business model infused with our high skills, energy and dedication creates quality outsourcing. Clear responsive collaboration in English, active listening, clarity and responsiveness ensure we meet our clients demands without any impediments. 

For any organisation that manages to secure a full and confident technical command of its internal and external development teams, the rewards are now considerable, both in terms of maximising productivity and in driving efficiencies.

Achieving and maintaining an effective information strategy, however, can be extremely taxing on an organisation’s resources.

It is for this reason that many enterprises are now choosing to entrust their technical communication management requirements to a handful of elite and respected specialist IT agencies.

Why to decide for outsourcing 

The added advantage of outsourcing is that as well as being the most efficient way of optimising data and communications workflows, it is also the most cost-effective.

By utilising, adapting and monitoring cloud-based solutions, an outsourcing agency partner will be able to provide a viable and completely flexible alternative to expensive premises-based collaborative networks.

Outsourcing development overhead to us transfer of responsibility and leaves an organisation free to concentrate on those areas that are essential to its core activities .

"We approach software development with a passion" 


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We’ll work with you to repair and replace faltering technology — securely and responsibly. Faulty or failed equipment affects productivity and your business’s bottom line. Our Hot Swap/Spare Program replaces your technology quickly with identical equipment.